Hello, and welcome to this blog.

I'm Normand, and this is my self-hosted personal blog. I'm a Linux user (specifically Ubuntu) since 2008, and I'm also interested in free and open source software, as well as taking back ownership of my personal data.

For over a decade I was very active in open source communities, first with the Ubuntu-fr community, where I was providing help on the forums, contributing to its exhaustive documentation and being one of its wiki admins for some time. Then I was part of the FreeCAD community where I did mostly the same things, as well as managing the FreeCAD PPAs, providing developers insights as an experienced CAD operator, and even doing a little icon work.

I'm now switching my focus to more personal matters, like self-hosting of course, but also cycling, playing acoustic guitar and maybe recording (just for fun though).

I plan on publishing in both English and French, since my native language is la langue de Molière. For a long time my online activity has been predominently in English; hopefully this will give me the opportunity to even things up.

This blog is based on WriteFreely, a minimalist blog platform, and I doubt multilingual support is possible. So I'll simply prefix English language posts with [EN], and French language posts with [FR].

I hope you'll enjoy reading me!

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